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Giants in Their Field Join Together Once Again

On September 27, Roger R. Pearman, CEO of Matrix Insights announced that Robert W. “Bob” Eichinger joined the company in the role of Executive Director of Solutions.

Matrix Insights Welcomes Award Winning Thought-Leader, Robert Eichinger, Ph.D.

Bob Eichinger is an award winning thought-leader in the field of human learning, and organizational development. He's been a sought after keynote speaker, author, entrepreneur, and executive coach for more than 20 years. Bob's work in the learning and development field spans four decades, and included corporate roles at Pepsi, and Pillsbury. He holds a Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from the University of Minnesota. Most recently Bob was Vice-Chairman at the Korn Ferry Institute. Bob was also notably a co-founder of the Minneapolis-based company Lominger, a preeminent provider of leadership development tools. At Lominger, Eichinger and his business partner Mike Lombardo created a series of popular and transformative competency based products that became the gold-standard for leadership development programs. That work remains in use through many of the Fortune 1000, now under the Korn Ferry brand, which acquired Lominger in 2006.

Bob is co-author, along with Mike Lombardo, of the books:

  • FYI: For Your Improvement, A Guide for Development and Coaching
  • The Leadership Machine: Architecture to Develop Leaders for Any Future

Bob was co-author, along with Pearman, and Lombardo, of the book:
* You: Being More Effective in your MBTI Type

Bob also single handedly authored the book:
* 100 Things You Need to Know : Best Practices for Managers and HR

“Bob is a tremendous talent,” Co-Author Pearman said. “He is an intellectual force of nature, and at the same time also an astute businessman, and deeply insightful about the mechanics of making organizations, and individuals successful. We are fortunate to be adding his wisdom and creativity to the Matrix Insights team.”

Eichinger added: “I'm flattered, but even more than that I'm excited to join this team. I don't say that lightly. I was very comfortably considering my retirement, without active plans to assume another role. But the work being done at Matrix Insights was too innovative, and far too important for me to sit on the sidelines. I want in this game now, and I believe Matrix Insights will add to, and carry on the legacy that folks like Roger and I have been building for thirty years.”

Eichinger is also the co-founder, along with Pearman, of the software company TeamTelligent. TeamTelligent software apps for the iPad distilled much of the collective professional wisdom of the founders, aimed at empowering individual, organizations, and teams to accelerate development and performance with the answers to the most pressing questions about teams (TEAMOSITY), educational settings (RELATE), and career fit (CAREERFITOSITY).

At Matrix Insights Bob leads the team charged with the architecture and design of our mobile, actionable, and results-oriented software solutions for building the relationships, teams, and workplaces that will power the 21st century.