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Introducing EQ Agility

Our quest―yes, we do think of it as a quest―is to revolutionize how you build better teams and leaders. Today that quest reaches a new milestone for developing EQ.

We're pleased to give you the first look into the new EQ Agility lens. The Emotional Competency lens will, from today forward, be referred to as the EQ Agility lens. Our references will migrate to this new terminology to describe the lens, which better aligns to the way our software is used, to develop Emotional Agility. You'll still see the same basic architecture, and the presence of the same 54 competencies. In addition to the name change, you should be aware of some upgrades in the learner experience.

In addition to the changes of vernacular, this is the first in a multi-phased rollout of significant upgrades to how you can build with EQ Agility. Much of what you've come to think of as the learner experience is unchanged, but here is a brief summary of significant changes you will want to acquaint yourself with.

1) The EQ discovery is now presented in five 'paths' or components; and
2) The Emotional Competency sort function is radically enhanced, in a digital card-sort fashion.

For those of you who invite learners, and support or facilitate workshops, these are the biggest changes in the learner experience. To see a brief visual summary of the Paths and Sort features, we suggest you browse the release notes page on our support site.

Five Paths

The learner experience occurs in five paths or components, which are now more explicitly delineated. The paths are:
1. Learn about EQ: Understand the nature and importance of Emotional Intelligence, and how it relates to success;
2. Browse (assess) Competencies:
learn about the meaning, associated behaviors, and key research on individual competencies,
skills and behaviors as well as bookmark areas to improve;
3. Sort Competencies: pushes the learner to think deeply about EQ skills and behaviors and sort the assigned competencies into three equal buckets, best, lowest, and those in the middle.
4. COMING SOON: A survey of personality attributes using predictive logic to make recommendations; and,
5. 360 feedback, maximizing the insights of others who rate how selected EQ competencies are demonstrated.


The new EQ Competency sort is designed to give both the learner, and their accountability partner (Coach, Mentor, or Manager) a clear hierarchy for strengths and developmental opportunity from the perspective of the learner as well as the objective assessment of their raters.

The new Sort feature is a digital card-sort guiding the learner to visually assign competencies into three equal buckets: Top-Middle-Bottom

Remember: the sort exercise is a self assessment by the learner of which competencies are their best, lowest, and in the middle.

To see the full Release Notes on the EQ Agility lens, please visit:


Q: Are there still 54 Competencies to choose from in your framework?
A: Yes

Q: Can we choose not to include the Competency sort?
A: Yes, if you prefer, you still can suppress the sort option in the Invitation wizard.

Q: Where can we learn more, or get the answers to questions not addressed here?
A: Stay tuned to this blog for more, and/or visit, or write to

Q: Where can we read the full release notes?
A: Visit our support site at,