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Introducing: Matrix Insights Qualification-Certification

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Matrix Insights introduces a Qualifying and Certification experience that allows you to confidently use our discovery and development platform in your client, training, development and coaching activities.

Tools for Accelerated Discovery and Development

The Matrix Insights platform allows users to gain critical self-awareness insights and essential key action learning points to enhance performance. As a professional, you want to know how to use the discovery lens that is most appropriate for your customer and use the reports and development platform that allow for the personalized, targeted, and pragmatic help.

Qualifying and Certifying

Two paths to access Matrix Insights content:

Qualifying to use the Matrix Insights Platform means you have successfully completed our Core Application on-line Learning Workshop. Expect to learn:

  • Ease of set up for your customers on a specific discovery tool
  • Ease of monitoring customer progress
  • Ease of managing customer performance
  • Value of the reports—what is in them and how to review and use them
  • Integrating the TeamPulse engagement survey to track progress
  • Linkages to the coaching dashboard for documenting your facilitation with your customer

Completing this course and submitting your confirmation of learning form will allow you access to the platform.

This access point to the platform is especially effective for the knowledgeable professional who is already versed in the various assessment and discovery frameworks (we call them lenses).

Certifying to use the Matrix Platform means you have successfully completed our Core Application on-line learning workshop and have completed at least three of our lens discovery classes (Personality Type, Essential Motivators, Interaction Styles, Performance Five (Big 5), or our EQ 360 rating tool).

In each of our lens on-line classes, you will learn:

  • Discovery framework overview
  • Discovery essentials for application Tactics and strategies for use in coaching, teaming, and leadership development

You will complete the confirmation of learning forms for each class and be certified to use the entire Matrix platform.

Maximize your investment

While the qualifying and certifying course work can be completed on line, we also offer face-to-face training when you or an organization is seeking to integrate the discovery and development content in an enterprise strategy. Click on the Register button to sign up for any of these offerings described above.

The cost of qualifying and certifying training is as follows:
Qualifying to use the platform by completing the Core Application course: $275

Certifying for full use of the Matrix Insights platform is $599, which includes the Core Application program and up to three lenses.

Unlimited lens classes cost $700.

Note that discounts may be available.
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To view a class (previously recorded), visit our webinars archive, and search "Qualification" or "Certification" titles of interest, at:

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Matrix Insights Master Examiners:  Robert W. Eichinger, PhD and Roger R. Pearman, EdD

Matrix Insights Course Instructors: Craig Robinson, and Todd Nielsen