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Learning and Leadership with Dr. Roger Pearman (Webinar)

There is one single factor that all of the research on leaders point to: learning agility is the single most essential quality for effectiveness. After learning agility, every thing else is a footnote.

Being cross culturally sensitive and aware, being strategically minded, developing interpersonal savvy, and a host of other “mission critical” attributes are contingent on how learning agile the leader becomes. Building a learning agile approach requires self-awareness, application of insights, and an active development strategy.

Fortunately, Matrix Insights has developed a comprehensive platform that allows a leader to have an agility dashboard for discovery and action.

This webinar will review key insights and actions leaders, coaches of leaders, and leaders of leaders can consider to build agility for leading in a global economy.

Webinar: Learning and Leadership

February 25th 2016, 11:00 AM EDT
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