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Learning Just Got More Personal

Personalizing the Discovery Experience

We all have our own preferences, and they extend to our learning styles. Matrix Insights is devoted to personalizing the experience of building better relationships, and improving team work, and our discovery has evolved in service of that devotion.

Starting this week, your learners working through discovery exercises on the Leadership Dashboard have more options to tailor their experience to fit their needs.

Text or Video, Your Choice

  • Learners who prefer to read will see a more prominent transcript. Many learners find this a more rapid way to engage with content, so those learners will now find the transcript front and center.
  • Video content, with a host to guide them, with the same messaging is an optional companion.
  • For learners who prefer to engage with the video content, in lieu of the transcript, simply click on Full Screen (1) to hide the transcript, in favor of video.
  • In video mode, simply click on auto-play (2) to sit back and view informational segments.

In the new version of discovery, the transcript is a distillation of the video. For this reason, we recommend you orient new users to the availability of both options as alternative versions of the same content, not additive or supplemental.

Interactive segments—those that engage the learner to identify with their cognitive or emotional preferences-are unchanged in this new release. These segments help to build recommendations about best fit preferences in the assigned lens, and require input for a complete discovery exercise.

Remind your learners, either first-time users or those who might be reviewing discovery, that the Back (3) and Next (4) buttons progress or rewind one segment. The Menu (5) icon opens a chapter list, and permits skipping anywhere in the chapter index as needed. Interactive segments-those requiring responses-are labeled with a hand icon. Informational segments are shown with a triangular player icon.

Some early reviews of these updates to the discovery interface:

“This new interface relates to both audio and visual learners. Good change!”

“I really like it.  I am one who also likes to see things in print.”

“I definitely prefer the NEW format so BOTH transcript and video are in view without the need to scroll.  That makes it immediately clear to the user that both options are available without having to search for them. Also, the video is small enough to see, yet allow for expansion.”

“I like it a lot.  It gives people two options allows you to read the areas you want to reinforce or clarify…yes.”

“I do like the new look, and I am biased towards reading over video.”

“This really speaks to learning preferences and styles (as we learned …) processing new information, and the learner pacing their learning . My preference, the narrative being displayed. This provides for two learning options and is helpful for individuals who do prefer taking notes. ....A good learning tool and reinforcement.  

“I like that there is an option for people who want to read.”

If you or your learners encounter other questions, or wish to share feedback, please email us at:

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