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Spring '17 Release

Development is a Journey, and the Leadership Dashboard is your Guide.

Starting this week, learners you subscribe to the Leadership Dashboard will be helped along by new Feature Boxes tailored to match their pace and progress. These mile markers visually support your programs, and engage your learners in all that’s available to them on the Leadership Dashboard.

Depending upon the lens in use, and their progress with things like completing a Discovery assignment, learning about Relationship Insights, or managing an Action Plan, each user sees different suggestions. All our new Feature Boxes are tailored to engage, and progress your learners into their own journey of building better teams, and better relationship skills. Log in today, and see for yourself.

We’ve also added a more detailed Journey feature to the Home page, mapping all the developmental opportunities available to each learner, in a supportive logical progression. Where they’re going, and where they’ve been is detailed step-by-step. Getting the most from the trip is now easier than ever, and this is a great resource for you as a host, facilitator, leader or coach. If you're not certain of next steps, refer to your learner's Journey page.

We are always eager to hear your feedback for improving the learner experience. The only thing better than that is realizing your ideas in the form of enhancements to the developmental journey we've built on the Leadership Dashboard. Thanks for sharing your Insights, keep them coming.