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The Pulse of Your Team

Our teams are alive. Some more than others though.

When they attain high performance, the groups we organize into achieve greatness. But most of our teams struggle for consistency, let alone greatness.

High performing teams —those that consistently exceed expectations— are attentive to more than just their result-oriented goals. Most teams are untrained in team processes or teaming skills, and the underlying teaming behaviors that drive high performance. We set out to change that.

Creating awareness, and a recurring feedback loop about these critical teaming behaviors is the inspiration for TeamPulse. Now you can quickly and easily measure, manage, and promote better team performance, and build a framework for creating real time engagement. Our new white paper illuminates the underlying research, and the framework for TeamPulse, and the motive for functionality we've incorporated into Matrix Insights.

If you're ready to launch your teams into a whole new level of performance, we've started the countdown. Read the whitepaper: How teams become high performing drivers of quality and innovation, by Dr. Roger Pearman.

How teams become high performing drivers of quality and innovation